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Turf Care

(general points for the establishment & mowing of your new turf)


It is essential that your new turf receives adequate watering throughout the establishment period. Obviously prevailing weather conditions determine how much additional water is required.

The establishment period will be for approximately 14 days. However, this will vary on the time of the year, which in turn will effect how fast the grass is growing. It is essential that the turf is kept moist during the establishment period. Please check that the water has reached the roots of the turf by turning up a corner of a piece of turf to see if the underlying soil is damp. It is critical to keep this area moist.

If the turf experiences "shrinkage" and gaps appear, this is because it has not received enough water, Water thoroughly if there are any signs of shrinkage.

Grass Mowing

Having got your new turf properly established, check for this by trying to lift a piece of turf. Obviously if the turf has rooted it will not lift up and is ready for mowing. Mow on a high setting in general this should not take place before 10 days after installation. But again this will vary on the time of the year and how fast the grass is growing.

Do not let the grass grow too long before you start and mow it. Mowing often remembering not to remove more than 1/3 of the length of grass in one go will give good results.

Please note, that it is important not to scalp the turf in the mowing process.


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