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Frequently asked Questions

What is the best time to lay turf?
Turf can be laid at any time of year. However during periods of dry weather it is essential that newly laid turf receives adequate watering for successful establishment. Establishment during the winter months will take longer due to slower growth.

What size are the turf rolls?
Turf roll size will be supplied in either 1m2 or 1yd2 roll formats.

How is the turf delivered?
Nationwide delivery is achieved using a national pallet delivery company. The turf is palletised and will be delivered as a kerbside drop. It is the responsibility of the customer to inform us of any possible delivery obstructions that might pose a problem in carrying out delivery.
The turf is cut the day before delivery and delivered next day. Standard delivery times are between 10am-5pm, Tuesday Friday. Saturday deliveries carry a premium and delivery is not possible on Sunday or Monday.

How long can the turf remain rolled up?
The turf must be laid as soon as possible, within 12 hrs April / September and 24hrs October / March. The longer the turf remains rolled up will increase the rate of deterioration of the turf.

Why have gaps appeared in turf?
This has happened because your newly laid turf has not received enough water during establishment.

When should I mow my turf and is it alright to walk on?
Mowing is the single most important act of lawn maintenance. Please refer to the Turf Establishment page for mowing instructions. Keep walking on your new turf to the very minimum for at least 3 weeks after installation. This will give the turf time for its roots to establish


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