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FusariumFusarium - Snow Mould In Lawns.

Fusarium Patch disease is the most common of all lawn diseases in the UK.
It is recognised by the die-back of quite large areas of grass especially on compacted lawns. Usually found in Autumn, but also in spring after there has been snow lying on the lawn for some lengthy period. It can spread and take hold under cover of snow - hence it's common name of Snow Mould.
Fusarium Patch disease starts as a small yellowing patch which turn brown as the patches enlarge. Sometimes - in damp weather - a white or pinkish mould can be seen in the patches. In most cases, the diseased area will completely recover once the grass is actively growing again.

Prevention procedures:
Do not use feeds in late summer or autumn containing a high Nitrogen content, for example spring and summer lawn feeds. When using these types of fertiliser the latest application should be early August. It is best to avoid damp and shady locations suffering from poor air circulation for laying turf.

Things you can do:
Apply a heavy Potash based fertilizer in the Autumn. Spike compacted areas often through the year. Don't walk over the lawn when it is covered in snow.

Treatment of Fusarium Patch Disease

Chemical treatment with Carbendazim - a systemic Lawn Fungicide as soon as you find the patches are available for the professional user. However this is not recommended for use by a domestic or amateur gardener.

It is much easier to prevent than to cure. Completing adequate lawn care and maintenance, will greatly reduce the incidence of this occurring. Spiking, feeding well in the spring and summer and avoid over use (compaction) of lawns - particularly on heavy ground - in damp conditions. A well structured, free draining soil will always help promote healthy grass,

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