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Leather jackets

Leather jackets are the larval stage of crane flies. Crane flies, or daddy-long-legs as they are known have long thin legs, one pair of wings and a small thin body around 2.5cm long.

Adults are commonly seen flying from late August to October. Females lay their eggs into grassy areas, the larvae emerge as small brown grubs. The grubs stay underground over winter and cause most damage the following spring before hatching into crane flies.  They will begin feeding on root structures of grasses, and this then reduces the ability of the grass to take nutrients.


Bayers Provado Lawn Grub Killer is a most effective control of leatherjackets
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Cover the affected areas of lawn with black polythene overnight after heavy rain or irrigation. The grubs will come up onto the grass and can be removed in the morning by brushing etc.

Leather Jacket Crane Fly
Leather Jacket Crane Fly



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