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Red ThreadRed Thread

The disease is usually not very harmful and usually causes no permanent damage. Red Thread normally attacks lawns made of fine grasses such as the Fescues, and some Ryegrasses. Typical symptoms are small areas of bleached out grass, with small reddish growths. 

Grass areas which are low on fertility often encourage red thread disease. The disease often becomes a problem in such areas after a hot dry summer. As previously mentioned  a well structured, free draining soil will also help to promote healthy grass.

Prevention and Control of Red Thread Disease.
Chemical treatment with Carbendazim - a systemic Lawn Fungicide as soon as you find the patches are available for the professional user. However this is not recommended for use by a domestic or amateur gardener. Please note that fungicide application is not usually required as usually no permanent damage is caused and should only be used as a last resort.



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