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ToadstoolToadstools in Lawns.

Toadstools are a very common occurrence in recently laid turf.
When you water your new turf (which is an essential part of establishment) and the weather is warm enough.
This provides ideal conditions for the fungus that produces
toadstools to grow.

Usually in these conditions the toadstools are produced a few days after the new turf has been laid. The good news is that these toadstools do not harm the lawn, the bad news is there are no chemical treatments that will stop the toadstools - which are often referred to as mushrooms.  However, as the toadstools are part of a natural and temporary process, resulting in no damage to the turf, there is little point in trying to treat them.

Simply brush off the toadstools as and when they appear, or remove the toadstools by mowing the area until no more are produced. Whilst these toadstools in the lawn are not harmful to the grass, without proper identification they could be harmful if eaten.



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