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Turf Laying Guide

Soil PreparationSoil Preparation

The soil is the foundation of a good quality lawn, a minimum depth of 100mm (4inches) but ideally a depth of 150mm (6inches) is required. The ideal soil type is a sandy loam with a ph level of 6-7, such as our premium soil.

If you have poor quality soil our screened soil can be used to enhance the quality of poor soil. The aim is to achieve an even and firm finish for the turf to be laid. This should be free of weeds and vegetation, stones and clods. Start by either digging the area over, or rotovating the area making sure any soil compaction is broken up.

After digging the area, firm down the soil by either using a light roller, or simply treading the area. Then rake to a fine tilth to create a consistent level surface keeping to the required contours, free from any hollows. Repeat the process until the desired result is achieved. If using a pre turfing fertiliser, apply now.

Turf LayingTurf Laying

The longer the turf is rolled up the faster it will deteriorate, therefore lay the turf as soon as it arrives. Turf must be laid within 12 hrs April-September and 24hrs October to March. Store rolled turf in a cool shaded area. Do not wet or cover the turf, this increases the speed of deterioration.


Never walk directly on the prepared soil or newly laid turf, use boards or planks to work from and walk on. In dry conditions it is best to water the ground before laying as this encourages the turf to root quickly

Start by unrolling one strip of turf around the perimeter of the lawn. Avoid using small pieces at the edges as these can dry out more quickly and perish. Please make sure that the turf has full contact with the soil below, to enable proper installation. Lay the turves preferably along a straight edge, butting closely end to end. Stagger the joints in a brickwork fashion on the subsequent rows. Any overlapping pieces should be cut off neatly with a sharp knife. Water immediately after installation, keep well watered until established.

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